President’s Message

November 1, 2016

It’s been an exciting few months, and after much consideration, Spectrum has been acquired by Companion Life Insurance Company, effective today – 26 years and five months to the day after we first opened our doors.

As the seventh Stop Loss MGU acquired by Companion since its first back in 2007, we are excited to be the newest member of the Companion family of MGUs.

There is no shortage of buyers looking to acquire Stop Loss MGUs. When I decided to pursue this path, Companion was the logical choice.  Spectrum has a long-standing relationship with Companion, and most impressive is the ‘owned MGU’ model that Companion supports:  Separate, focused and independent MGUs that continue to run post-sale just as they did pre-sale – same management, same staff, and most importantly, same identity.  It showcases Companion’s unique commitment to the stop loss market – recognizing excellence and allowing it to flourish under the safety net of a large, respected and growing stop loss organization.

It is in this spirit that we move forward, committed as ever to maintaining and growing Spectrum’s position as a leader in the small-employer stop loss market. Everyone you worked with here yesterday is still here today, and will be tomorrow, doing the same fine work serving producers and policyholders alike.

Stability, experience, dependability, longevity & focus – make Spectrum’s qualities your assets.

Kurt RidderThank you for your support over the last 26+ years. Don’t hesitate to contact me or any of our fine staff with questions.  We look forward to working with you for a strong end to 2016, and an even better start to 2017 and beyond.


Kurt Ridder