Spectrum, a division of Companion Life Insurance Company, is a full-service Managing General Underwriter of specific, aggregate and level-funded integrated stop loss insurance.  Founded in 1990 and acquired by Companion Life Insurance Company in 2016, Spectrum is a leading provider of a comprehensive line of stop loss products and services for employers as small as 15 employees.  Spectrum’s products are available through a nationwide network of select Third Party Administrators, Brokers and Benefits Advisors.

Spectrum proudly represents Companion Life Insurance Company, Companion Life Insurance Company of California, and Niagara Life & Health Insurance Company, all rated “A+ (Superior)” by A.M. Best.  Spectrum is an active member of the Self-Insurance Institute of America (SIIA), the Health Care Administrators Association (HCAA) and the Free Market Medical Association (FMMA).

Spectrum is headquartered in beautiful downtown Indianapolis, IN.

Spectrum is your one-stop Stop Loss resource for 33 years and counting.  

Stability, experience, dependability, longevity & focus –
make Spectrum’s qualities your assets.

Spectrum’s Medical Stop Loss Products

Spectrum offers a variety of Medical Stop Loss Insurance products for single employer groups with as few as 15 employee lives.

Specific Stop Loss

Protection against the financial risk of a catastrophic claim in excess of an individual specific retention applicable to each plan participant.

Aggregate Stop Loss

Protection against the financial risk of a large accumulation of claims that fall below the specific retention and are in excess of an annual aggregate retention on the plan as a whole.

Integrated Stop Loss

Level-funded protection against the financial risk of claims in excess of an accumulating monthly integrated aggregate retention applicable to the plan as a whole.